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Tridimensional Guernica

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Tridimensional Guernica (Pablo Picasso Tribute)24*36"on canvas.

War and war again in 2018. In 1937 Guernica was destroyed and 100 years later we keep watching the same brutality, if not worse.

 I always loved the way the master Picasso showed shapes, sensations, movement and brilliant colors with his cubism.

 In my Art of Recycle Journey, I too prefer brilliant and pure colors to keep alive my materials and the concept of bringing colors in your life.

In this painting it can't happen, not in this moment. So I found extremely appropriate my typical use of Bones in this contest or interpretation.

 Plastic, shells, wood, wire, stones, shoe laces, foam, are my media. What is usual waste is on this canvas that speaks to me and you.  Let's celebrate a new life for forgotten and unloved materials

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