-She is fierce, he is angry, tired, frustrated and dirty with blood of the senseless lost lives. She is astonished from the human stupidity when tons of them are asking "Stay at Home!" and people do not listen. He wakes up everyday or may no slept at all and fight and she will fight until the end.-

Bravery and courage made strong heroes.
It is with rage and relief we welcome this 2020 Christmas. A Christmas where too many people will miss their loved ones.
This project, may a little harsh, it is to remember all this deaths and the many that are coming. And with one character as a symbol for all the healthcare workers I want to say Thank You to Our HEROES. First responders, nurses, doctors, nurse assistants, home health aides but also all the essential workers that help us to feel Normal in an unbelievable time...
Dear Covid-19 you're coming to an End : get vaccinated folks!
I am back with this SculPaintingsTM tribute to our healthcare workers: the real heroes of the Pandemic!
The SculPaintingsTM Project, Catini 2020
12 x 9 x 3in on canvas framed